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Art at Seven

At Seven, we are keen to promote local artists by exhibiting their work in Seven’s café/bar. We rotate exhibitions on a monthly basis.

Current Artist

Willie Runte

Willie Runte

Willie Runte is a Brazilian photographer living in the UK for the last 16 years.

On his latest personal project Willie sourced and photographed Bate-Bola outfits which are part of an unique annual tradition from the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro. The tradition dates from the time Portugal colonised Brazil, and despite being very popular in the suburb, it is little known by many Brazilians.

Each hand made costume is ordered a year in advance by different neighbourhoods and is presented in a big party during carnaval. The communities display their outfits in front of each other, competing to see who is the prettiest. Hundreds of Bate-bolas gather and dance on the streets while hitting plastic balls on the floor, giving the name to the tradition; Bate bola, Ball hitter.

The blue background in the pictures is used as a reminder of the blue skies of Rio de janeiro.

This project is Willie’s way of documenting and sharing a cultural tradition from his homeland that both terrified him as a kid and entranced him as an adult. Willie has won multiple awards for his work, including a people’s choice British Photography award in 2023 for a picture in this exhibition.


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