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Art at Seven

At Seven, we are keen to promote local artists by exhibiting their work in Seven’s café/bar. We rotate exhibitions on a monthly basis.

Current Artist

Amanda Burton

Amanda Burton

Amanda is a multidisciplinary artist and artisan from Leeds who has exhibited both locally and nationally. Her achievements include: an exhibition in The Tetley Gallery in Leeds, artwork published by Princeton University in the US and a feature of her sculptural artisan jewellery in Vogue Magazine.

Having studied Biochemistry at University her understanding of the sciences offer a broad source of inspiration and is still very relevant to Amanda’s work today. Her particular interests lay in cellular forms, the physics of water (fluid dynamics) and modular and repeating structures.

Her current art practice uses similar processes to the basic principles of scientific experimentation which supports her work exploring the theme of chaos and order. Order is intrinsic to human life and we all strive to achieve it, yet the unpredictability of chaos constantly penetrates its systems and design, with varying effects.

Compelled to work with volatile and ‘chaotic’ mediums such as fire and smoke and merging these with ordered and repeating patterns the work she creates combines the visual cohesion and connection of these two polar entities: the controlled and the variable.

website: www.wiremoon.co.uk
Etsy Shop: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/WireMoon



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