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Art at Seven

At Seven, we are keen to promote local artists by exhibiting their work in Seven’s café/bar. We rotate exhibitions on a monthly basis.

Current Artist

Carrieanne Vivianette

Carrieanne Vivianette

As an artist today, I move between creating in a performance context to creating in a small space with oil paints. As a painter I become relaxed, the process of painting enhances the music I listen to, puts me at ease and contributes to my ability to create art through improvisational processes.

Many of my paintings are original works in which I begin not knowing what the outcome will be – and this is the fun of it! Some of my paintings are portraits of idols and some are replicas of idolised works.

Though I have been working with different medium in visual art for thirty years, my exhibition at Seven is composed of just oil paintings to reflect my visual art practice today.

There is a mixture of portraits original works and a replica of Max Ernst’s The Robing of the Bride. I hope you enjoy looking at this while relaxing at Seven, I am open to commissions, so please pick up a business card from the bar and get in touch.

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