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At Seven, we are keen to promote local artists by exhibiting their work in Seven’s café/bar. We rotate exhibitions on a monthly basis.


Current Artist

Paul Harris

Paul Harris

Lauca National Park, Chile

Mother, Sister, Daughter

Women throughout the world give the dominant form and shape to the fabric of society. Women do 70-80% of all agricultural & food production in the world. Women are responsible for well over half the world’s cash income and their role as compassionate powerbrokers and decision makers is gaining long overdue
recognition. We should be continually reminded that ‘girl power’ is older than mere 21st century pop culture.

Women have always been at the heart of any community and it’s women who have their fingers on the pulse of daily life. Relying on their hospitality and organisational savvy has frequently meant the difference between success and failure on many of my travels and photographic projects.

Mother, Sister, Daughter’ is a collection of images from 25 years of travelling to remote, rural and ethnic communities around the world.

“ …women are nowhere passive, helpless, despairing beings crushed by patriarchy. They are sometimes accomplices; at other times manipulators; what they seem to intuit early and everywhere is that the system must be subverted if one is not to bruise oneself by beating one’s head against its stone walls. Goddesses and sorceresses are known, after all, to be capable of myriad transformations and transmutations, surviving by disappearing and by unexpectedly reappearing.” Essay on women by Anita Desai.


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